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Coming back to consciousness felt a little like rising slowly through deep water, until the shocking moment when your head breaks into free air to draw much-needed breath. Sam woke up in a pair of strong arms with a dull pain (that may have been purely mental) spread evenly throughout but receding rapidly. Her first instinct was Dean, but she opened her eyes to a different face, one that just made her more confused.

"Cas..." She moved slightly, a little uncertain about her own limbs before meeting his eyes again, vulnerable and wondering. "But- how? I just... I remember Ruby, and then... nothing." Shock and blood loss; the memories were starting to return, in bits and pieces too brief to latch onto.

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Cas had taken her to a small hotel off the coast of California, uncertain why he'd taken her there outside of the need to get as far away from there as he could.

"She must have been in limbo," he still hadn't let her go. He'd occupied the bed beside her and held her until she woke. "I healed you... and brought you here."

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"You were almost," Cas corrected. He wasn't one for much human contact but when she curled inward his instinct was to draw her closer by the arm around her back, to let her know that it was okay.

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"I was not going to let you die," not when Sam was his. He knew that the idea of a relationship was the farthest thing from either of their minds but that didn't stave away the possessive inklings that he had when it came to her and her safety.

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Cas wouldn't admit it but the only reason he was even in bed with her was because he was exhausted, bordering on falling asleep himself and he would need to recharge the energy that he'd wasted.

He didn't move when she started to and just sighed against the pillow before answering. "I sensed Ruby, suspicions arose. I had no idea you'd be there or what you were facing."

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"Ruby isn't supposed to be here," he replied short. His tone was weighted down with just how tired he was. "Naturally when I sensed it I went to go see. I wasn't expecting to find you... That changed everything."

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The gentle pads of fingers hitting the place just below his neck roused his eyes open again and he looked back at her. "You figured wrong," was his only reply before he sidled his torso and hips closer so that he could loom over her.

For a brief moment he considered kissing her again, but settled for just pressing a ghost of lips over her brow before resting his cheek down over the same place.

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She was more experienced, and Castiel was still powerful enough that he could hurt her if he lost control but he leaned into her lips when they met his and arched his body in such a way that his chest was resting over hers.

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Cas wasn't sure why Sam was opening here mouth and he was even less sure why her tongue was going into his, past his teeth. His breath hitched around it, he was rigid for a moment trying to figure out what to do but not wanting to pull away.

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"What is it you're intending to do?"

Castiel was unwilling to move from where he was over her so there small conversation was spent directly against one another and too close for comfort.

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He conceded, one hand going up to wrap under one of her shoulders. His forearm curling up and under it in a cradling grip. He leaned down to kiss her again, tongue drawn out of his mouth only because it brought them closer. He trained himself to respond how she did, he was incredibly intuitive and quick to learn.

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His hands wrung into the sheets for sheer want and the complete chemistry between them. A piece of him, however small, knew that this was wrong but he kept at it- his knees buckling in how tense his body had gotten and the always there need to assert dominance having him biting back at Sam's kisses intermittently.

As their bodies came closer Castiel's palm went to the span of her rib cage, kneading over the slats there before pulling her flush and close upon him, her chest so close and heaving to his own that he could almost feel her heart beating against him.

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"Sam," the tone was asking but obviously rhetorical. His free palm found and glided feathery soft over her temple, pressure points, sensory receptors - the places he knew she'd hurt before when she'd been suffering the precognitions and equally when she'd been using the abilities that imbibing demon blood gave her. The pads of his vessel's hands traveled past that and and through her thick curls and locked there pulling the neck to open even more so and her back to arch her chest up against his. He knew it was what she wanted. He was inexperienced, not stupid, so he placed soft wet lips along the curvature of her throat.

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His teeth made gentle pink hued bruises against the flesh there, teeth raked over the jugular knowing all too well that any slip up could result in Sam being gravely injured.

He was find with the kissing, the closeness, but her hips chafing up against his own stirred a sensation he didn't really understand.

The first thing to announce the feeling and the frustration was a low grumble of a growl somewhere deep in the baritone of his throat. Then his chin dropped, eyes falling down his own frame as opposed to hers.

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"I'm uncertain," Castiel replied. His voice far thicker than usual and weighted down with obvious lust.

This hadn't been what he'd been trying to achieve.

But then-

He wasn't sure what he'd been looking for in kissing her, outside of that it felt ...wonderful.

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"I'm tired," he protested in both an indignant and naive tone. He'd spent all of his energy on saving here and try as he might to avoid it his body was quivering with the need to rest.

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"I would like to, yes." Cas kissed her one last time before sliding off, resting in the pillows.

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Cas eyed her suspiciously as she brought them together. Was he the big spoon, or the little spoon?

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He'll return the kiss before letting his head gently hit the pillow and his mind wander off.