samanthawinchester: (dewey eyes)
Samantha Winchester ([personal profile] samanthawinchester) wrote2010-12-15 03:19 am

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(Continued from here.)

Coming back to consciousness felt a little like rising slowly through deep water, until the shocking moment when your head breaks into free air to draw much-needed breath. Sam woke up in a pair of strong arms with a dull pain (that may have been purely mental) spread evenly throughout but receding rapidly. Her first instinct was Dean, but she opened her eyes to a different face, one that just made her more confused.

"Cas..." She moved slightly, a little uncertain about her own limbs before meeting his eyes again, vulnerable and wondering. "But- how? I just... I remember Ruby, and then... nothing." Shock and blood loss; the memories were starting to return, in bits and pieces too brief to latch onto.

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