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Name:Samantha Winchester
Birthdate:May 2
Location:United States of America

Both mun and muse are over 18.

Basics: This is a genderbent, always-a-girl Sam Winchester from Supernatural. Same exact history as in the show. Then add a heaping pile of inferiority complex, self-hating girl issues, "I wasn't the son Daddy wanted," and a burning desire to prove that the boys don't need to protect her.

“This disease pumping through my veins, and I can’t ever rip it out, or scrub it clean! I’m a whole new level of freak. And I’m just trying to take this… curse, and make something good out of it! Because I have to.

"I want you to know… I'm here for you. You brave little soldier. I acknowledge your pain. Come here! You're too precious for this world."

"I thought you’d back down from killing a man!”
“Well you thought wrong.”

"Don’t you get it? Forever! Demons’ll never stop. You can never be with your family. So you either get as far away from them as possible, or you put a bullet in your head! And that’s how you keep your family safe. But there’s no getting out, and there’s no going home."

"Dude, dude, I'm not using this ID."
"Why not?"
"Because it says "bikini inspector" on it!"

"And because I know what it’s like to want revenge."

"You're like one of those lab rats that pushes the pleasure button instead of the food button until it dies."

"Being a hunter isn’t a job, Adam. It’s life. You’re pre-med. You got a girlfriend, friends? Not anymore you don’t. If you’re really gonna do this, you can’t have those kinds of connections. Ever. They’re weaknesses. You’ll just put those people in danger, get them killed. It’s the price we pay. You cut them out, and then you don’t look back. There’s only one thing you can count on. Family."

"There's nothing possessing me, Dean. This is what I'm gonna turn into."

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